Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Clegg (n.): a person who pretends to be what he is not*

Yes, I'm talking to you, Clegg, you snivelling little f@$k-bag of lies and bullsh!t.  I see you've written article about how great your** welfare reforms are going to be for the poor:

If I've read it correctly, you basically seem to be saying that the poor are a burden on the state; the disabled are work-shy; Blair thinks your right, and you want a safe Tory seat for the next election because no one who put their trust in you will ever vote for you again.  Is that about right?

This line in particular deserves special attention:

  • Nearly 1.9 million children live in a household where nobody is in paid work.

You really should read the articles you link to, rather than relying on some ex Head Boy aide to quote them for you.  The very next bullet after your sensationalist comment above, is that two-thirds of ALL children in workless households are in lone parent ones.  Perhaps these lazy, work-shy single parents should hire nannys so they can go to work instead of raising their children?

I'm no politician (I'd last 5 minutes before I leapt across the despatch box and rammed Black Rod's Mace up someone's jacksy), but I do have one or two suggestoins that seem more "liberal" to me than your** current policy, such as:
  1. Redistribute some of the Cabinet's immense personal wealth to pay for social care.
  2. Collect, say, a few billion (BILLION) from those tax avoiders like Voda-fuck who tell us so fervently that they are not breaking the law, so we can use it to keep a few roofs over people's heads.
  3. Ask the bankers who were bailed out with public money to pay it back before lining their own horse boxes with it.
Of course it might mean that Boy George has to tell his friends that they can't expect to keep scrounging from the state and never paying anything back...hang on...I'm getting confused it OK because they are rich?

I just don't get it Nick, I really don't.  You have failed a nation and will go down in history as the most hypocritical politician ever to be elected.  Which is no mean feat when you look at who you succeeded.

* from Greek "hupokritēs" one who plays a part.
** As if you had any say in this policy in reality, you grovelling, self-centered, Cameron-licker...  But it's a bit late to back out of government now, isn't it, cock-knocker? Power by any means eh?  I should become religious just so I can believe you will rot in Hell.

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